Saturday, 6 August 2016

Bare Bones opera debuts with bold theatricality and audience interaction. Russian opera a highlight.

Very glad to have had the chance to see this"triple" bill- 2 big bolde shows and a charming intermedi ( and previously unperformed 18th century mini cantata post interval). The first show was a fun workshop flavoured take on the famed Mozart-Salieri comedies around the art and artifice of opera "Der Schauspieldirektor and "Prima la musica" . great idea- would love to see it further developed and incorporate even more theatricality and develop the actor/director's roles. The highlight for me though was the second piece - an intense and moving reading of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Mozart and Salieri" that explores envy, genius, the tyranny of mediocrity and has some bloody fabulous singing in it.And in Russian!!! Spasibo to Bare Bones just for the that- and the wonderful portrayal of a man eaten up by self doubt and narcissicism acted out against the man he most admires and envies. Brilliant work Eugene Raggio and all at Bare Bones- and Joshua Oxley provided an excellent foil as Mozart. More please! One more show today at 3pm- get along- and DO the subtitle smartphone thing- its an inspired idea and sitting onstage getting strangely caught up in the action via your mobile phone is sheds a contemporary and chilling light on the subject matter .( pun intended)

Photos courtesy of John Kilkeary and Vctoria Watson)

This trio of divas were delightful in Musicof Salieri and Mozart- Laura King, Zoe Drummond and Imogen Faith Malfitano. Excellent musical support from pianist Jonathan Wilson and baritones Josh Rogers and Vincent Farrell

 Some of the cast and creatives from the first show- a pasticcio based on works by both Mozart and Salieri. Fun and theatrical.Producer Laura King was delightfully diva-lish.

 The venue- a real find for chamber opera experiences- the performing space at Australian Performing Arts Grammar Glebe.

Joshua Oxley and Eugene Raggio as Mozart and Salieri ( Rimsky-Korsakov and Pushkin)

 Eugene Raggio as Salieri- a man ravaged with self loathing, envy , grief and a deep fear of his own mediocrity.

Intense drama between Oxley and Raggio - grear moody blue lighting and atmosphere added by interactive audience work- subtitles on smartphones backlit to add to mood through colour.- This has got to take off- patent it immediately!!

Fab central location in Glebe.

After the show- audience included Dr David Larkin ( critic for bachtrack - lecturer at Sydney Conservatorium) and baritone Rory Sruthers. Eugene Raggio was a standout performer as Salieri.

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